We are cellebrating 15 Years!!!
MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

MagicDuel Adventure's New Developing Era

Published 21/08/2011 by magicduel

MagicDuel Adventure is proud to announce the END of its

developing Stage 10 and the Beginning a NEW developing era, the Stage 11.

Developing at MagicDuel’s never stops. We care to bring to our players new

features that makes the gameplay interesting, challenging, and fun.

During Stage 10 we saw hundreds of changes and features.  Among the most important, we can mention:

The creation of Boss Heads Competition for the

fiercest fighters of the entire realm.The implementation of the days of tranquility,

which gives players the opportunity to participate in quests and get involved

in the game.Excommunications tools were given to Kings,

allowing them to jail not loyal citizens of their Lands.Role Playing requirements were implemented,

making gameplay more fluent.Creatures were classified in species and limited

in rituals, making fighting interesting a fair for all players.Combat interface was rejuvenated, making it

smarter and good looking.MagicDuel’s launches its Facebook Page and

restores its Twitter page.Handy Pockets is elected as the new Queen of

Marind Bells.The East Lands fall under the dominium of

Muratus del Mur.MagicDuel’s celebrates its 6 years anniversary.Tribunal Lands got extended, changing into the

biggest land of the realm.Viscosity feature changes the way players move

from location to location, making the exploration of Lands challenging.Several resources were implanted all over the

realm and resource gathering items were given to several players.Magic concept got clarified and memory stones

made magic available to technically anybody.Woodcutters, Lair Keepers, Water Dowsers, and

Fusioneers guilds were created.New creatures, such as Sharpshooters,

Anniversary Aramors, and the Toxicodendrite, were introduced to the gameplay,

introducing abilities never seen before.

A new era begun and important features will change the way

players see MagicDuel. Are you ready to be part of the history� Are you ready

to join the deepest MMORPG in the history�

Join MagicDuel Adventure today, and prepare for an unique experience...

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