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MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

MagicDuel Birthday - 18 years!

Published 14/04/2023 by warventure
MagicDuel turns 18! HOLIDAYS IN THE MAGIC DUEL REALM In Magic Duel, it's not generally who you can beat, but what relationships you can forge. People drift away to their other pursuits in the RL dimensions, but come back to Magic Duel to be with friends (or perhaps, duel with their nemesis). This is especially true around holiday times. The two biggest holiday times are Christmas and MD's Birthday. At these times, old familiar faces return and our population at least triples! Christmas is what you might expect - presents, cookies, and candies for all. A decorated tree, festivities, and the only chance to catch some of the more rare creatures - the Nutcracker, the Tamed Reindrach, Santa himself, and a few other special ones. MD's Birthday, or rather the Anniversary of its creation, is actually a bigger deal. It begins on April 14th each year and runs for as many days as years that MD has been around. Coming up soon is the 18th anniversary of the realm (2023 in RL). There are tournaments, quests, contests, literary events and even (because of the timing) an Easter Egg Hunt! Or course there are treats, newly revealed creatures, and prizes as well. We have a growing event around Halloween, and take note of other dates on the calendar -- anything for a party! Come join the parties, explore a unique world, and make new friends!
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