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MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

Published 24/07/2023 by warventure
    MagicDuel browser-based openworld adventure combines the ancient style of browser-based, text adventures, with stunning hand-drawn illustrations, and advanced AI-based tools that works seamlessly to create one of the most special and original adventure of all times. There are hundreds of unique hand-drawn illustrations that make the game a delight to explore. You may come across with a giant, a dragon, or even a mermaid. The graphics are truly amazing, and the AI is so advanced that you may even forget that it's a browser-based game. This game does not have a clearly outlined gameplay, as the player can roam freely and participate in any side-game or event that takes place in the MagicDuel Community. The game also features a forum where players can discuss their experiences and strategies, as well as set up new adventures and challenges. The chat supports text-based, MIRC style commands, but with a suprising twist. Powerful AI will bring things to live in unexpected ways, and legendary players that earned the right to modify the game world will setup quests and adventures. The MagicDuel world is a vast one, that keeps expanding. You may even find places that where unreleased yet, or secret. About 60% of the game world is known, 20% of it is secret (known to hardcore adventurers), and 20% and yet to be discovered. The game world is built by adventurers, that over time manage to establish a role and a position within the community, expanding it further. As you play and advance in your assumed role and acknowledged social position, you can unlock powerfull tools that will help you build your own side of the MagicDuel realm. Tools from pseudo coding instructions, to advanced interfaces that let you organize the most advanced quests imaginable, are all part of the player front end, depending on your advancements. It is a game for adventurers but also for collectors, as you can collect creatures that evolve and fight for you, or items that give you unbelievable abilities over the other players and more. Grinders are also not forgotten, as resources play an important part of the gameplay too. The fighting system is different from what you would expect. The purpose of fighting is to balance lost fights with won fights, not just to blindly win. This may prove to be an increasingly difficult task for older players as well as new. The research and connections special section, will give the most curious ones of you, endless play time by providing mysteries an connections to follow, to discover the unseen part of the realm, unlock land weapons, and even take over entire lands, all just by logic and brains. Come discover for yourself
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