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Many Suns

Many Suns

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Published 28/10/2012 by hexsane

The Race for Survival: Intergalactic Colony Ships

As the end of an era loomed, the forebears of an empire foresaw the inevitability of its downfall. This realization sparked a race of epic proportions - the construction of intergalactic colony ships. These vessels were designed to carry the legacy of a civilization, preserving its knowledge and potential for survival and conquest.

The Launch of the Colony Ship

The launch of your ship was a significant event, marking a desperate bid for survival. It took place just before the destruction of your home world, a world that was swallowed by the maelstrom. The ship was a beacon of hope, a vessel carrying all the necessary knowledge for survival and conquest in a new world.

The Galactic Convergence

Interestingly, your ancestors were not alone in their quest for survival. Various other factions and races from across the galaxies came to the same conclusion. The need for survival and the instinct for preservation led to a convergence of races, all vying for control of the only galaxy within reach.

This convergence has set the stage for an epic saga of survival, conquest, and the indomitable spirit of life in the face of adversity. As the descendants of these brave ancestors, it is now up to us to carry forward their legacy and secure our place in the new galaxy.

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