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Married To The Mob

Married To The Mob

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Published 20/01/2015 by pammykins

The 1930's Mafia: A Game of Power and Strategy

Immerse yourself in an intriguing era of history with our immersive game set in the 1930's. This was a time when the world was ripe for a takeover, and in our game, you become a player in this fascinating story.

Becoming the Don

In this game, you have the opportunity to set yourself as the Don. This means you are the head of your own mafia family, which you have to build from the ground up. It's a role that requires strategy, decision-making skills, and a keen sense of observation.

Taking Over the Streets

As the Don, your objective is to take over the streets. You have to navigate the complex world of mafia politics, alliances, and rivalries to establish your dominance. It's not just about power, but also about understanding the intricate web of relationships that underpin the world of the mafia.

Running Your Own Mafia

The game gives you the freedom to run your slice of the mafia how you see fit. Whether you want to be a ruthless leader or a cunning strategist, the choice is yours. Every decision you make will shape the future of your family and determine your success in the game.

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