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Matchday11 Football Manager

Matchday11 Football Manager

Published 22/03/2018 by matchday11
Matchday11 is a free online football manager game where you compete against managers from all over the world. In Matchday11 you try to build a football team as strong as possible through transfers, scouting and youth academies. It has been designed to be simple and easy to play, yet realistic. Most competitions have similar structure to real life, like European cups with qualification rounds, group stages etc. There is even a Matchday11 Club world championship for all champions league winners. Matchday11 uses an advanced match engine that tries to be as realistic as possible. Each kick of the ball is simulated, this means you will be able to get a lot of stats from each match like long ball percentage, action zones, attack zones(right,left,center) etc. For each player you could see stats like attempt on target, pass completion rate, tackles won, aerial battles and much more.
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