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Mercenaries of War

Mercenaries of War

Published 18/02/2023 by Vyndictus
Mercenaries of War is a hardcore criminal survival game with PvP (Player vs Player), Crew Wars and Permanent Death. Keep yourself protected by buying weapons and stocking up on bullets. If you die, your character is permanently dead and you will have to start over fresh. You can also set a backfire which will fire a certain amount of bullets back in defense in a chance to kill your attacker. Crew Wars: Kill a boss and underboss of a crew and you will take them out permanently. Do you have what it takes to lead the top crew and become dangerously notorious? Eliminate the competition! Crews have access to crew banks, crew bullet banks, crew businesses and more to work together and build a powerful and dangerous organization. - Small Crimes - Vehicle Theft - Mugging - Killing - Permanent Death - Gambling / Casinos - Businesses - 6-Player Poker Tables - Start/Join a Crew - Crew Businesses - Crew Wars - Threat Level - Achievements / Accolades - Leaderboards - Bounties - Auction House - Bank Robberies - Group Heists - Life Insurance - Weapon/Armor - Fight Club - Gym - Drug Market - Dynamic Stock Market Think you have what it takes to become a dangerous Mercenary? Start your empire today! Money is power, but so are bullets.
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