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Published 17/04/2012 by BRUCELLA2
MetalMercs is a Free To Play Web MMO developed by FondamentGames. The game is a cross between Ogame and UFO. In this game, player manages a team of cyberpunk mercenaries. MetalMercs is a real time game, player plans mercenaries activities for the hours to come. Activities can take a few minutes to more than 24 hours. What kind of activities the game offers? Rest, body dismember, mission, surgery, repair item and more! As lot of MMO, MetalMercs provides to players a pvp module consisting in a challenge system. A player can defy another one for an arena fight. Furthermore, in MetalMercs, all mercenaries' actions have outcomes. During mission, they can earn crime points for their evil deeds. Criminal mercenaries can be hunted by other player's mercenaries. Hopefully, in MetalMercs, justice is not away. Players can hire mercenaries as lawyer to release them from prison. The gameplay is focusing on modularity. Nearly all game's items can receive up to 6 options, even mercenaries' body parts. Mercenaries' body is divided into 10 locations. Arms, legs, hands, feet can be replaced by artificial parts. About evolution of your mercenaries, the game is open. There is no class or level system. Players can specialize theirs metalmercs with an open skills system. MetalMercs is actually in beta stage and always in evolution.
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