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Miami Crime

Miami Crime

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Published 05/01/2016 by dottdogg

Miami Crime: Rise to the Top of the Criminal Underworld

Miami Crime is an immersive online criminal underworld role-playing game. It offers a thrilling journey through the streets of Miami, where players get the chance to rule the drug trade, defeat their enemies, and strive to become the number one kingpin.


  • Create or join another criminal family. This feature allows players to either start their own criminal empire or join forces with other players to increase their influence and power.
  • Compete in truck heists. Players can participate in thrilling truck heists to earn rewards and increase their reputation in the criminal underworld.
  • Attack other criminals and destroy their criminal empires. Players can engage in intense battles with other criminals to take control of their territories and resources.
  • Gamble at the casino, produce drugs, complete missions and much much more! Apart from the main gameplay, Miami Crime offers various side activities for players to enjoy and earn extra rewards.
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