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MMA Tycoon

MMA Tycoon - Mixed Martial Arts Game

Published 29/06/2012 by MMATycoon
MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA MMORPG - a must try game for all fans of the UFC or MMA in general. You'll start by creating a stable of fighters and booking them in to fight in the Quick Fighting Championships. If you win in the QFC, you'll be offered a contract by one of the hundreds of user run fight organizations within the game. All fights are user vs user, so your success or failure will depend on your ability to gameplan against real world opposition. Other than training and fighting, you can also become a business Tycoon by opening up a fight organization, gym, clothing company, nutrition company, bookmaker or fight alliance. MMA Tycoon is a great community full of MMA fans and general gamers alike, so you'll meet plenty of great people to partner with, join or create an alliance and work your way to fighting and business domination, to become the Ultimate MMA Tycoon! * You can play MMA Tycoon for free for as long as you like. If you would like to go VIP it's just $30 per year and you get loads of extra stats, fighters and company options. Why not come and give it a try?
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