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Call Of Gods by MMO TM

MMO TM Launches Call Of Gods

Published 10/01/2013 by lekool
    MMO TM is the new destination where on-line gamers play top level MMO

games with other similar gamers. MMO TM is launching with the industry

leading Call of Gods.

MMO TM will be the preeminent site to play popular MMO games. It is

built by gamers for gamers. Only join MMO TM if you want to play the

best browser based video games, view helpful gaming videos and guides

while making a living for yourself!

Call of Gods blend of simulation, strategy and roleplay were key

criteria attracting MMO TM to the title. MMO TM wanted to launch with

a game that not only provided access to these three genres, but took

them to new heights within the browser based market.

MMO TM introduces a complete MMO games community for new and

experienced gamers all designed to enhance the player experience. The

unique MMO TM games community forum ( provides a

central hub for all communications for access to Game Masters,

tutorials and hints and tips. Our emerging video guides will be there

to support your every step through your epic quests.

In the near future MMO TV will be adding exciting and new revenue

generating streams for our MMO Games community. Stay tuned.

For more information on MMO Games Call of Gods, please visit the

official website:


MMO TM is dedicated to being a leading gaming community where players

of from all over the planet with all backgrounds and interests can

connect, share, and enjoy a unique Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO)


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