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My Lands

My Lands

Published 04/11/2011 by My lands
    This is an MMOG (Massively multiplayer online game). The game is written in JavaScript and requires no client; if you want to play it, any computer with access to Internet would be good. Genre — military economic real-time strategy, fantasy. The game-play is based on cooperation of 4 races (Dark and Light Elves, Knights and Demons) in the battle of the Factions (The Dark vs The Light Ones). The project was launched on the 28-th of June 2010. By the 1-st of January 2011 My Lands already had 144371 users with about 15000 players on-line. Since September 2011 servers in other linguistic areas have been launched. Servers are divided into two types: Mining servers (Rise of Civilization) and Military servers (Battle of Titans). On mining servers players are more protected from attacks of stronger players. Each server is a separate game world where up to 15000 players may live. One account allows to play on several servers. Game features: the magic resource called the Black Gems that can be purchased for money and found in the game: taken from the monsters in ruins, produced in Salt Lakes of flying islands or purchased at the auction for in-game gold. The Black Gems can be spent on any Premium services in the game; at the same time the Subscription provides the possibility to exchange Black Gems to real-world money and withdraw it. My Lands was recognized as "the best browser-based game in 2010 and 2011" according to ConfOG. Game Legend: In the era when the Dark and the Light Ones lived in peace a source of power never known to any race was discovered: the Black Gems. The balance of strength was disrupted and everyone tried to seize control over its production. The Great Empire collapsed and the internal war broke out. The inhabitants of your City chose you as their ruler and conferred absolute authority on you. * Found new cities, * Study sciences, * Construct and upgrade buildings, * Train troops, * Trade at Market, * Explore lands searching for Ruins, Pits, Salt Lakes, Stone Mines, Iron Mines, Gold Mines, * Defeat Monsters,
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