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My O-WN Adventures Online Stra

My O-WN Adventures Online Strategy G A M E

Published 16/01/2017 by o-wn


O-WN is a free to play 2.5D browser MMORTS which unfolds in outer space after mankind’s’ flee from Earth. Great strategies, strong alliances, epic battles and galaxy to explore are few things of the player activities.


Early history

The HiQroup Team consists of a group of gamers, scattered around the world specialised in developing, graphic designing and marketing, with the aim to create a whole new, different video game.Our venture started after our acquaintance through our love for video games and when we realised a common goal: To create our O-WN game!The idea grew into us, just as it happened with our team which was converted to a group with many members, who work with enthusiasm, commitment and consistency to achieve its main goal.That goal, ain’t no other but the creation of a game that takes its users to a whole new world in which they have the chance to live unique experiences, create strong bonds but also compete with each other.The result is O-WN, a new strategy game with much depth, which takes us into the future and intergalactic experiences combined with all these features we and you want and expecting in a video game.

After that

O-WN is a free to play 2.5D browser MMORTS which unfolds in outer space after mankind’s’ flee from Earth, because Earth is on a collision course with a comet. The players discover the universe, create colonies on new planets and build a variety of buildings but also armies of space crafts. They organize their defense formation, create alliances and plan attacks. Each player has a significant role in the world of O-WN. The strategies and tactics of each one have a huge impact in the course of the game. Every operation and step of each alliance can change the flow of the game at any moment. O-WN offers various challenges. From the survival and prosperity of the planets to the construction of an armada, from the organization of a research mission to the next steps of a war, the success of the players to cope will determine the form of the world. In a universe with many secrets that unfold over time… In a universe that rewards you in one moment, only to threaten you with extinction in the very next second, everything is possible to change in the blink of an eye….. O-WN has four (4) races. Yeenos is the first available race of the game while the other three races will be revealed as the game progresses and humankind takes over the universe. O-WN players have at their possession detailed guidance (in-game tutorials) and also plenty archives (documentation, wiki, forum, support) which helps them to learn and develop their first colony (estimated time being less than one hour), and also their first steps in the exploration of the universe. Also, O-WN is giving the chance to its users through the forum, to have their own opinion and suggest themselves improvements and features they would like to see and experience into the game in order to make the experience more intense and riveting, making O-WN OUR OWN - YOURS favorite video game. O-WN is available in four languages: Greek, English, German and Russian. We aim to move into more languages in the future.

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