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Made Man Mafia

New Features in Made Man mafia

Published 17/05/2022 by AnarchyDave
    Since launch in October, we've been hard at work adding new features and improving the game.Mafiosos now contribute towards their Mafia family missions to increase family income.Families are ranked by how much money they have accumulated rather than member networths.Extra prize fund gives rewards for great gameplay.  Allows more chances to win cash for all players, especially free to play.The Intel feature rewards activity and speed.  Gain intelligence to earn a wide array of bonuses and possibly cash too!New medals are available to be won for many different categories.Equip your men with kevlar vests for a big defensive boost.Referral program is completely new.  Earn perpetual rewards while your referrals login.Monthly referral raffle gives all players a chance to win real cash and credits.Added NPCs to the game to offer a wider range of targets for attacks and looting.Shop has been reworked and new items added.Complete challenges each round for powerful bonuses.Daily bonuses for the player and the family.Free membership on your birthday!Boost your turn speed and earn bonuses for voting and spreading the word about MMM.Capo di Tutti Capi bonus can be held by just one player.  Compete with other players to get this special reward, and hold it longer than anybody else to earn a medal.We've also completed many balance updates, optimizations and changes based on player suggestions.Be a part of growing community, join Made Man Mafia today!
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