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No more Experience!

Published 24/03/2011 by magicduel

Major concept change , no more Experience!

We are proud to announce a major concept change in MagicDuel. As you already know probably, things in MD are totally different than in many other games. This change however, beats all.

Starting today there is no more Player XP, creature XP, nothing alike. XP turned into "HEAT" , it can be gained and lost, it can vanish away, cool down, etc. You no longer have XP caps but "Heat Tolerance". It is not just a name change, it is a major concept change and involves a lot more.

At this point heat is the blood of the MagicDuel real. You use heat in fights, for character improvements, for creature upgrades, to power-up items, and a lot more. It is a fluid thing, not a fixed thing like xp is. Unstable heat drops one per second, regardless if you are online or not. Heat is also used in magic spells to power them, sort of like "Mana" concept in other games , BUT ITS NOT MANA!

This is a unique concept , a lot better integrated and following the principles of "energy" giving a natural feel.

In the following days we will perform changes to the fight system and other interface parts to accommodate with this concept change.

No accounts will be reset as we NEVER reset accounts regardless how major or minor changes are. Each character carries on his legend.

Heat vs Liquid Dust

At this point heat is officialy the counterbalance of Liquid dust. Liquid dust remains for now the blood of the realm and heat is the blood of the players in the realm. Shades are the counterbalance of the players and are the direct result of liquid dust effects, yet not one and the same. Liquid dust can be considered "negative heat".

Join us at MagicDuel Adventure and discover a lot more amazing concepts , things you would never thought to find in a game.

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