We are cellebrating 16 Years!!!


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Published 06/04/2024 by Norroth

Experience a Nostalgic Tile- and Turn-Based MMORPG

Immerse yourself in a vast medieval fantasy open world with our tile- and turn-based MMORPG. It gives you an opportunity to relive the classic gaming experience while offering a fresh perspective and an exciting new world to explore.

Professions and Crafting

The game provides a rich and diverse array of gathering spots, crafting stations, and over 20 professions to master. From blacksmithing to tailoring, potion-making to cooking, there's always a new skill to learn and perfect.

Biomes and Enemies

Our game world is teeming with different biomes and enemies. From the arid deserts to the lush forests, icy tundras to fiery volcanoes, each biome presents unique challenges and enemies to overcome.

Guilds and World Events

Team up with friends or make new ones by creating or joining a Guild. Participate in thrilling Guild Wars or collaborate to complete challenging Guild Quests. Furthermore, the game features special World Events that change with every holiday, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Whether you're a fan of classic MMORPGs or looking for a new game to dive into, our game offers a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation that is sure to captivate and entertain. So why wait? Start your adventure today!

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