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Ondarun 2 opens his 3rd Server !

Published 18/03/2011 by Lascar
We're happy to announce the opening of the Ondarun2 3rd server !

Ondarun 2 is a complete racing team manager.
After the succes of its second server, players asked for new features and will be replied with this new version 2.6

The new server competition will starts the March 25th at 3pm, and the pre-registrations are already opened !

There is the list of the new features released for this version 2.6:
- DNS integration :
Now, teams MUST give complete orders. Every order not given will cause the disqualification of the team.
Moreover, teams have to be careful about driver and car availabilities. In case of an unavailability, the team will be disqualified to !
No CR, no point will be given to a disqualified team.

- Driver salary integration:
Drivers will have to be paid each day at midday (even the Sunday)!
Salary values will be automatically calculated by Ondarun, in function of driver level, age and experience.

- Maintenance cost for cars:
Teams will have to pay a car maintenance fees, each time the car is used.
Car maintenance fees will be paid at midday too!
Fees values will be automatically calculated by Ondarun, in function of the real car value.

Those two lasts new features will impose some considerations about team credit management.

- Car built before 2000 will be sold only through the used market:
Older the cars are, rarer they will be on the market.

- Separation of train and fitness center commissions:
Centers will be openable separately with different commission value.

- Limitation to 20 tournament participations per week:
In order limit ghost participations, we decide to limit tournament registrations.
This new rule impose an optimization of tournament participations.

- 5 levels per car :
The gap between the maximum and minimum levels of the cars will be of 5 (agaisnt 15).
This correction will force teams to change car oftenly.

- Possibility to make a loan to Ondarun:
Teams will be able to have a negative credit. The negative limit will be 1% of the team value.
This last will be shown pointing your credits.
However, in case of negative team credit at midnight, teams will have to pay an 1% interest to Ondarun.
If the team credit go under the 1% limit, the team will be bankrupted, all races orders won't be considered and the team will be disqualified on all races during this state.
You will have to bail out using recycling car or parts, or to exchange PR against CR, to get back a positive credit account.

To conclued, Ondarun 2.6 and its new features announce a fierce competition!
Don't wait anymore, and start the pre-registration right-now !
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