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Published 27/10/2011 by oxrongame
Oxron is a web browser game running in any modern browser ( Its a real time strategy game where you as a player must help in rebuilding the land Akronia after it has been devastated by an unknown disaster. The game includes a large research section, where everything must be learned again. This will have players go in different directions, making it less possible that two accounts will have the exact same troops and same strategic advantages. Towns must be built from over 30 different buildings and constructed from 7 different resource types, which are collected primarily in the countrysides around the towns. There are 47 troop types split into 3 troop trees (footmen, mounted and flying), starting from the simple peasant, horsemand and giffon rider to the strong warlords, nightmares and wyverns amongst others. There are 5 special troop types including group of rogues to spy enemy towns, scouts to explore the land, arch mages to improve the strength of armies, high commanders to help take over hostile towns and group of pioneers who will venture out to found new towns. Players can create and join clans, which can be run either as a democracy, council rule or a dictatorship, giving the players many options to run it as fairly or efficiently as desired. Eventually the game it will head into an exiting end game part, where players must take a hold of the weapon Oxron in order to eliminate the enemies and win the game. Will you help decide the fate of Akronia? Visit
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