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Pirates Glory

Pirates Glory

Published 14/04/2018 by zorg
[b].:: Pirates Glory ::.[/b] Merchants and Pirates in the age of gunpowder! Start with a single vessel and set sail to become the most notorious pirate! Pirates glory is a truly unique game with great in-depth gameplay which is heavily affected by the rest of the players. It is a 100% original game with affects from the popular games Sid Meier's Pirates! pc game, Magic the Gathering card game and films like Pirates of the Carribean. Here is a brief description in titles: -Unique Hybrid Strategy game, Real Time + Turns. -Unique protection/engagement system. -Voodoo Curses - Unique special actions system. Everlasting game - There is always time to catch up the older players. -Travel between 21 ports in a unique map. -Choose your nationality and carry the word of your country. -Earn honorary title/ranks for your country, such as Admiral,Duke or even King. -Create laws, apply taxes to your subjects and manage your nation's treasury as you like. Gain influence in each port and assume control of it. -Gain gold and fame. Become the most notorious person. -Governors daughter Romance - walk the church steps into marriage. Trade up to 8 different materials in an active trade environment where prices change based on supply and demand. -Create Trade routes and become rich. -Create a Goldsmith and produce Gold Bars. -Create a Bank and serve or rob all Avonmoran citizens. Build up to 18 different ship types, based on real data on how ships used to be in the age of Pirates. -Upgrade each ship, raise levels, hire crew, buy cannons and choose among 6 attributes to improve. -Attack your enemies and plunder their gold and cargo. Sink their ships or grab them for your own use. -Engage against both real or pc generated player (NPC fleets). Forge guilds with other pirates. -Bury your gold to protect it. -Go on Treasure Hunt to find other player's treasure. -Go to the Tavern and catch the latest Gossip in port or the game. Many statistics to monitor your progress.
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