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Published 23/08/2016 by dynajinn
PotionEmpire it's a unique mix of [b]fantasy[/b] and [b]managerial[/b] game. In PotionEmpire each player owns an [b]alchemy[/b] shop and plays the role of a young novice who began his ascent to fame and knowledge. Explore the territory searching the rarest alchemical ingredients, create increasingly sophisticated potions and sell your best recipes to the other players, get as many customers as possible satisfying their requirements, visit the shops of the other players and interact with them! [b]FEATURES[/b] [img][/img]high interactivity: no more hours of waiting [img][/img]infinite character growth [img][/img]no in-game advertising [img][/img]an ever-expanding world [img][/img]deep management system [img][/img]many in-game helps [img][/img]14 cities to establish your own alchemy shop [img][/img]7 playable races [img][/img]6 different ecosystems, each with a wide variety of ingredients [img][/img]hundreds of ingredients to be combined [img][/img]hundreds of NPC customers [img][/img]dozens of vials to customize your potions [img][/img]high interaction between players [img][/img]an alive and pulsating economy [img][/img]medals system that rewards the roleplaying Link to the game: Link to the forum: Link to the wiki:
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