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Prison Reloaded

Prison Reloaded

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Published 08/03/2019 by prisonreloaded

Life in Prison: A Challenge to Overcome

You have just been sentenced to life in prison, for a crime you did not commit. The reality of your situation begins to sink in as you wait in line to be processed. Suddenly, you are approached by a fellow convict, a seasoned inmate who has seen the ins and outs of this daunting system.

They lean in, their voice barely above a whisper as they give you a few words of advice, "Train hard and make money! It's the only way to survive. Climb to the top and don't look back if you're going to make it!"

And so, your sentence begins. The challenge to survive, to thrive even, in this harsh new world is laid before you. But the question remains - do you have what it takes to succeed?

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