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Ravaged Worlds online

Ravaged Worlds online

Published 06/10/2015 by awol_lsd
    I'ld like to announce the launch of Ravaged worlds. Ravaged worlds is a browser based free to play online TCG, it is a complete tcg, not a deck builder or anything like most the other online tcg's. you can do anything in it you can do in a real tabletop tcg it was previously fallen worlds but do tocircumstances in life the owner was forced to shut down. But it is back, and while currently is almost the same as fallen worlds was, there are many new features planned and we are already getting new cards the previous database didn't have. Currently we have but a "core set" but the 2nd expansion introducing the regenerative felnin faction will be released within weeks. and with it comes never before seen cards. Currently you can play in 1vs1, 1vs2, 1vs3, 2vs2, 2vs3, and 3vs3 games against any mix of AI controlled bots and/or human players. there are weekly achievments aswell as weekly rankings in both player level and gauntlet level that a player can earn rewards threw. aswell as log in bonus's you get just for logging in each day that resets every month. and soon there will be many more game modes, many more features, and many more possible deck's with the ever expanding card database. so come now while it's early and get a good start and understanding of the game. and don't miss any promo's that may be comeing up. Referal URL Regular URL Http://
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