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Medieval Europe

Release v2. Installed

Published 22/12/2014 by mastro

Milan, December 21st 2014

The strategy game Medieval Europe has today launched a new release - v. - Native Rebellions

The Release introduces two new important features that will change war planning strategies and an expansion of the Wardrobe:

The Natives' Revolt

The natives, who have been oppressed and enslaved by the governments can rise up and try to regain their land, especially if their land is not currently being guarded or if the army is far away from home.  If reconquered, the Kingdom, will lose the rights on these lands that now can be attacked and reconquered by other Kingdoms.

Changes in the attack strategy

Up until now a Kingdom that attacked another one could safely focus on that battle without risking getting attacked by another force. From now, the moment a Kingdom sends its soldiers to war, it will become vulnerable to attacks from both foreign or native armies.

Atelier Dynamo Wardobe expansion

Two new Byzantine armor sets are introduced.

Medieval Europe is a strategy game with elements of role-playing game produced by Dynamo Productions. You can reach us on
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