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Scourge Wars

Scourge Wars

Published 16/08/2012 by KyleMassacre
Welcome to ScourgeWars, an exciting Massive Multiplayer Online RPG. Upon registration to the game you will be placed randomly into one of the following classes: Demons, Gods, and Humans. 100 years ago, a war broke out between the plains of Earth and the Underworld. With the Underworld becoming so crowded because of all the lost souls that they have aquired it was time to move to the surface. Fighting for their lives and their land the humans step foward to push the demons back into the Hell in which they came. For the past 25 years the Gods, afraid the Humans are losing their will and drive to take back what has been stolen from them step in to aid. With the humans so physically and emotionally drained from the years of terror have no idea what is happening and fight with whom has helped to protect them for centuries. The Humans wage war against the Gods and despite the fact they have helped them for years turn their backs on the Humans. Who will come out on top of this everlasting war? Only you can decide the outcome.
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