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Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy Starter Kit Giveaway

Published 08/09/2012 by gamedp
As a limited time offer and in celebration of Serenia Fantasy's New server launch, we are offering a free starter kit to every registered user

The starter kit includes:
Lv. 40 Spirit Overlord Slime * 1,
Mini Teleport Crystal * 10,
Magic Source I * 1,
Life Source I * 1,
Energy Essence (Minor) * 1,
Magic Potion * 50,
Minor Healing Potion* 1.
(All Bound).

Guide on how to use Starter kit

You may grip the Starter Kit card code from our site, and enter the game directly via sign-up page (, Open ID available. Gamers who already registered in Gamedp could go directly to its official website (

Please enter the game first –

1. When you first enter game, you will see a NPC “Sarah” [Kings Spokeswoman] in Treefolk Town. It’s easy to find.
2. Click the NPC and choose "Redeem Code Reward"

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