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Shinobi Densetsu

Shinobi Densetsu

Published 25/05/2011 by Holymsophy

This is a ninja game based off the Naruto anime/manga series with a twist: There were a series of wars that destroyed the shinobi world as it was. Now, with the rebuilding going on, is where the players come in and their actions shape the fate of the new world.

There are different villages, each with their unique abilities, tons of jutsu and things to learn and explore. Players can be part of an anbu, be a village elder and control who does/does not become kage of their hidden village.

Different Non player characters, and player characters that one gets to interact with spice up day to day activities, mixed with an engaging Pvp and Mpvp sysem with smart AI for action.

This is a game that will make you feel like a ninja!

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