We are cellebrating 16 Years!!!


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Published 14/12/2019 by ezwip

Welcome to Our Free Web-Based RPG

Experience a completely free, ad-free, web-based RPG game that is driven by a vibrant and active community. The objective of the game? Compete for universal domination.

Community Driven Gameplay

Make friends and enemies as you navigate through a universe filled with players from around the world. With active administrators that ensure fair play, you're guaranteed a seamless gaming experience.

It's More Than Just Math

While this game may be mathematical at its core, it is a war game at its soul. Challenge your friends and foes in strategic battles and test your problem-solving skills.

Retro Gaming with Modern Convenience

Enjoy the nostalgia of old school retro gaming, now optimized for modern browsers. Whether you're on your computer or your phone, you can join in the fun anytime, anywhere.

Join Us

Become a part of our thriving community and let us teach you the art of virtual warfare. Join us, and let us teach you how to kill.

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