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Slick Sleeve


Published 03/05/2011 by sickman

This browser game is perfect for all active and former soldiers as well as all military fans. It is based on the original German browsergame “Schulterglatze” which was awarded to the “Best role playing game” by the community voting of “Browsergame of the Year 2011” (Browser Game of the Year 2011 presented by GAN Game Ad Net). SlickSleeve is a game which describes the life of a young recruit in a satirical manner, so many elements of the game are made not too serious. For example you are able to crush your enemies with the help of epic weapons such as earplugs or flea bags. You will also find equipment like the well-known “Humvee” or other typical things used by the US Army. As an active American soldier you are also able to choose your base where you will be stationed and invite all your comrades to create your own virtual troop. Go to SlickSleeve and register for free now!

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