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Starforce Delta

Starforce Delta

Published 02/09/2013 by StarforceDelta
Fight for mankind in a newly discovered part of the galaxy: the Menr’akim Star System! Battle the vicious Shar’dal aliens by flying the most advanced space fighters equipped with powerful weapons! Do you want to become the galaxy’s mightiest and wealthiest mercenary? Then attack and destroy other players’ frigates and loot their resources! But don’t forget to defend your own starship by building and upgrading heavy defense turrets! [b] Mankind needs you - are you going to fight for the greater good or for your own profit? [/b] FEATURES: - Free To Play - Thrilling and challenging space combat - Intriguing story in the single player campaign - Equip your space fighters with powerful weapons! - Upgrade your starships! - Vicious Player vs. Player action - Find your opponents’ weak spots! - Protect your frigate by strategically placing heavy defense turrets! - Win PvP Tournaments and more! Want to get a glimpse of the universe you will be fighting in? Watch our latest trailer at [url] [/url]
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