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Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga

Published 27/11/2012 by Yeepgame
It is really good news to Yeepgame game players. We are not only have The Pride of Taern、Crystal Saga、Call of Thrones、Naviage、Rising of King,but also Tamer Saga which has come to the platform on November 15th. Everybody follows us and enjoys the adventure journey in the amazing Yeepgame. 100 years ago, the vicious Shadow Dragon came to the continent, spreading evil Shadow Shards all across the continent with the aim of controlling all living creatures by corrupting their souls. To resist the Shadow Dragon, angels, dragons, human beings and elves united together and strived to find a way to purify the Shadow Dragon following their racial predications. At last, they sealed the Shadow Dragon successfully and cleared the evil influence on the continent. However, according to a prophecy, the Shadow Dragon would wake up 100 years later. A wide variety of functions and novelty gameplay need you to explore in Tamer Saga. Have a try on the sailing system, compete your combat power with your friends or just adopt a lovely pet here. Don’t forget, you can also participate in arena, arrest the criminal in wanted as well as have a perfect happy marriage. When accepting a quest, you can click the related quest name at the right side to automatically deal with it. As soon as the quest is done, you will automatically move to the destination where you can end the quest. The main quests and daily quests will reward you with much experience when you turn them in, whilst the guild quests will reward you and also your guild with Gold or Elements, and guild contribution points. Tamer Saga is a funny game for you. You can’t wait any more, right? Visit Yeepgame: Play Tamer Saga now: More information: Like Tamer Saga on Facebook: Yeepgame on Facebook:
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