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Text Gangsters

Text Gangsters

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Published 06/07/2014 by garden_hose
Text Gangsters: A Text-Based Online MMORPG

Text Gangsters: A Text-Based Online MMORPG

Text Gangsters is an online multiplayer role-playing game that uniquely combines text-based gameplay with the intriguing world of gangster lifestyle. With its unique and engaging gameplay, it provides players a chance to step into the shoes of a gangster and experience their lifestyle firsthand.

Experience the Gangster Lifestyle

In Text Gangsters, players are presented with a variety of activities that are characteristic of the gangster lifestyle. You can perform crimes, buy guns and armour to boost your stats, and even pimp your hooker. The game provides a realistic portrayal of the gangster lifestyle, making it an exciting and engaging experience for the players.

Travel the Globe

Text Gangsters is not just about committing crimes in one place. Players have the opportunity to fly around the globe dealing drugs. This adds an element of adventure to the game, making it more thrilling and exciting for the players.

Fight with Other Players

Another interesting aspect of Text Gangsters is the ability to attack other players and steal their cash. This not only adds a competitive element to the game, but also makes it more interactive and social.

Try Your Luck at the Casino

If you're not into committing crimes or flying around the world, you can try your luck at one of the casinos in the game. This adds a fun and entertaining element to the game, allowing players to take a break from the crime-filled world of Text Gangsters.

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