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TheNinja RPG


Published 03/11/2011 by Terriator
    [B]Game Universe[/B] The game is set in a ninja-world based off the famous anime Naruto - here you start out as an academy student, and from there rank up to higher ranks of ninja. As you rank up, more and more features are unlocked - in the end you'll be able to take control of one of the 7 villages, loading you and your fellow villagers in their battle with the other villages [B]Game Goals[/B] The goals of this game is above all originality; everything on TNR is coded from scratch and we do not utilize any pre-made scripts. We strive to constantly improve the game by adding new and ever more exciting features to the game. [B]Development[/B] TNR started out many years ago as a forum RPG. From there a stand-alone RPG coded in PHP was eventually developed, the popularity of which rapidly increased. Later, in 2008, the entire game was recoded into what is now known as "Core 2", and which is constantly being further improved.
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