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Unknown Limits

Unknown Limits

Published 02/11/2013 by Lingo
Unknown Limits is a, Text Based Multiplayer Strategy Game. You can acquire planets; build buildings, command fleets of starships in epic battles for the fight of the Unknown Universe. Here you can play as one of Four Races Alien, Human, Cro-Magnon and Android. These Races each have a different race bonus. Aliens have a Higher Defense because they are an old and majestic race. Humans have a higher attack they are a new powerful race just recently achieving Interstellar Travel. The Androids have a Higher Intel score because they are essentially machines and understand the workings of that sort. Back story: The ancient stretches of time dawns on as beings emerge and disappear from the Unknown Limits of the Universe. The Majesties of Old defend the Universe from Exploit, policing the Galaxy with the intent to keep peace. Among their allies lays a new and elite race called Humans, their empire is small but on the rise. The Cro-Magnon race are long enemies of the Majesties their only purpose in life is to see the policing empire destroyed and their own empire set up as the main control police of the Galaxy. A long journey awaits those who join up to amass a great Economic and Militant Empire. The only Question is will you be one of them? Aliens: This race is known as The Majesties. An old and powerful race that has roamed the galaxies for eons. This race has an amazing Defensive skill of +25% over all the other races. Humans: This race has been in the universe for only a short time, however the advancement of these beings has progressed much faster than any race in the universe. They have a +25% Attack and Income level than all other races. CroMagnum: This race was created by Cromag High Commander in an Effort to detroy the Majestics. This attempt failed however to his dismay he created a new race of inteligent beings. They have %25+ Covert ability. Androids: This race is an ancestor of the Humans. They were driven off of Earth by a cosmic disaster long before humans walked the Earth. They are an Offensive race and with this being so they have a 25%+ Attack Bonus.
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