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Published 08/07/2023 by Adam G

Latest Update: Overdosing Mod

We are excited to share our latest update with our players - the Overdosing Mod. This new feature introduces a unique element of realism into the game mechanics, aiming to provide an even more immersive experience for our players.

With the Overdosing Mod, each player has a maximum addiction level. If a player consumes drugs beyond this limit, they will experience an overdose. This feature is not just a number on your screen, but you will actually feel the effects of overdosing in the game.

Players can keep track of their addiction levels on their homepage, adding a new layer of strategy and management to the gameplay. It's important to keep an eye on your addiction level to avoid overdosing and suffering the consequences.

We are constantly striving to improve and enhance our game, and we aim to highlight a new feature or update every month. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome as we work to create the best gaming experience possible.

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