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World War 2

world war 2 is a strategy MMO browser based game

Published 19/03/2011 by rtkmar
    Now You Can Back To World War 2 And Play:

1-no time for build or recruit all u need for build and buy Units Is Money

2-For Recruit Units You Will Need 50 petrol only for Any Number You Want Recruit

3-You Get Every Day 1000 Petrol and max Petrol is 7000

4-For Recruit Units You Need Build Factory

Example:Tanks Factory Give You 25 Light Tank And 12 Medium Tank And 6 Heavy Tank So If You Build 2 Tanks Factory You Can Recruit 50 Light Tank And 24 Medium Tank And 12 Heavy Tank For More Information You Can Read Guide

5-You Can Choose Your Army From(Germany-Poland-Soviet-USA-China-etc..)

6-For Make Recruit You Will Need 50 Petrol For Recruit and For any Number You Want Recruit For Recruit Go To Build page And Build Factory And Then Go To Recruit Page For Recruit

7-You Have Generals You Start With 20 General And You Get 1 Every Day And You Get One For Every 3 win war

8-You Have Reputation You Start With 1 And You Get 1 Every Day And You Get 1 For Every 10000 Units You Build and You Get 30 For Every 3 win war

9-Money:You Can Get Money By Sell Units You Rcruit and You Don't Use It

10-You Can Make Spy Ground Operation Or Spy Air Operation

11-Air Operation : You Can Send Recon Plane For Discover Enemy Land

12-Ground Operation Is:(Kill Enemy Soldier-Destroy Rocket Luncher-Kill Enemy Military Police-Destroy Anti Plane Gun-Kill Anti Tank Units-etc..)

13-you Will Need 5 Petrol For Spy Ground Operation and You Will Need 50 Petrol For War And 20 For Spy Air Operation

14-You Can Make Alliance And Send Aid To Your Friends
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