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Call of Thrones


Published 24/09/2012 by Yeepgame
Call of Thrones is one of Yeepgame’s most popular online-games, which now has more than 30 servers. Call of Thrones is a 3D browser-based MMORPG that requires you download a mini-client before running the game on the web browser. The game was touted as the first Chinese browser MMO crafted in full 3D environment. By implementing the Direct3D Plug-in, Call of Thrones renders three-dimensional graphics and smooth performance. Choose from one of 4 styles of combat and complete quests, kill monsters, or run instances in the name of better gear. With Items featuring a system similar to that of Diablo 2, you sure to find gear to fit your playing style. Customization does not just end here. Craft gems and inscription scrolls to insert in your gear and make it even stronger! Visit Yeepgame: Play COT now: Check out more information: Like COT on Facebook:
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