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Zombie Pandemic

Zombie Pandemic

Published 05/01/2012 by zombiepandemic
    Zombie Pandemic is a browser based zombie MMORPG recently released on Facebook and as standalone on

You are a survivor in a quarantined city crawling with

zombies, trapped on the wrong side of the military blockades. Will you

make it to the safezones or establish your own safehouse�


As a player you must scavenge the city for left behind loot,

make the right tactical decisions in combat where skill, range, weapon

type and opponent all affect the outcome of the battle.

Trade loot with other players and build your own arsenal of

survival gear and weapons and accept quests from survivors left in the

city including search and rescue, scavenge and missions where you have

to fight back the zombie hordes.

The game is a turn based and massively multiplayer and free to

play. It requires no download and has no special requirements for your


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