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Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire Review

Published 17/02/2011 by zorg

Zorg Empire
Zorg Empire MMORTS
(Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy)
In Zorg Empire you undertake the role of a galactic Emperor!
You start with an empty single planet and your objective is to Become a Legend!

*Possible actions:
-Build mines and harvest resources
-Build a variety of different buildings which help your empire in a different way.
-Research new technologies.
-Create Planet Defenses and defend against attacks from other players.
-Create fleets to aid in defense or use them to attack other planets.
-Create a colony ship and inhabit new planets.
-Create strong alliances to help your empire stand the test of time.
-Use espionage to get important information about your opponents.
-Create powerful fleets and rule the universe.
-Many more
*Key Features:
-Excellent Community
-Thousands of Players
-Alliance Combat System
-Innonative Battle Engine
-Amazing Gameplay
-Fast game response times
-Dedicated Support
-Constant updates
-3 Universes to select
*Why you should join
-Lots of fun
-Fight boredom effectively
-Make lots of new friends
-Find your internet home
-Become notorious and recognized by the community... become a Legend!

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