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Table Update Process

Published 24/01/2023 by coops
As most of you know, Core-Exiles is now over 15 years old. It's now over 2,500 pages of code and 51K+ of images. These have been created, added to and edited over that 15 years. It has many systems that are a little at odds with each other, and as such a much needed 'realignment' of some of these systems is in order. Now with a project this big it's not as simple as a quick edit here or there, lol. So I'm making a start with the Tables we use in Core-Exiles. Currently, most of the sortable ones use pagination and are using a very old method. This precludes proper number sorting etc. When we made the change to the Haulage systems last year, we added in a new table format. These tables use a scrollable window and are fully sortable not only by each column but even multi-column sorting. (hold shift whist clicking column titles) You can also filter by each column (where it's allowed) even allowing wildcard and numerical filters (<= =>) giving you a much better control over what you see and how to find something. After all, we all know that many of you have been collecting items since we started 15 years ago :) So the table works far better than the existing ones, and as such it makes sense to start replacing the old ones with the newer format. To this end, I will start working my way through the tables and releasing them as and when each one is finished. It's going to take me some time, and I will work on the Player Ship Store and Secure Store first. Now, whilst looking for any possible issues with this, I did a quick check and found that even amongst the staff we all share very widely different screen resolutions. When talking about a fixed height scrollable window, it's fairly important that you don't make it larger than the window from which you view the world on your chosen web tool. Historically CE has never been shy at stating its 'old school' and to that end the main interface of CE was designed to sit in a 1080 screen size. But it's a bit unfair to paint everyone with a single brush, so I have added (today) an option to affect the height of these new screens. I hasten to add it's ONLY the light blue table screens like those you have been using in Ashar, Wesbec, Union Gal-Fed etc. As I update tables to the new format they will use these settings. If you visit the Edit Your Details screen from the top left pull out tab, you can see what the default is set to and choose 3 other heights. Simply click the setting that better displays the table height on your screen. Don't like it, go back and change it. As I say, I will be slowly replacing the older tables with the newer ones over time. I will publish a quick heads up each time I do, but the table contents and options will be the same as before, just allowing sort sorting and filtering. Starting with the ageing tables' system that reallllly struggles with some of your inventories and massive lists should go a long way to helping. After that we can start looking at unifying all the screen layouts so that exits and do this so that are generally in the same place and in the same format. Coops
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