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Project Tartarus Complete

Published 19/03/2015 by coops
For those of you that pay attention to such things the ISN news has been reporting on strange seismic readings on Ethan in the Sphere. This was first reported OVER HERE. Then today Gal-Fed held a News conference to announce Project Tartarus Completion. You can read the ISN announcement on this OVER HERE

What does this mean for you the Average Player?
Well the answer depends. If your a settlement owner then stay tuned, in fact if your planning on one day opening a Settlement this may be of interest. Having said that this latest add-on for Settlements requires a Level Six (or Higher) settlement.

This release gives level six settlement owners access to 'The Bunker'. There are two versions, one for non expanse and one for the Expanse. This 'Bunker' can be Player Crafted (Yeah!) and also purchased through the store if you'd like to show your support.

What's the Bunker Do Coops?
In short - Dig a very large deep hole under your settlement. Then migrate any of your Energy, Housing and Research Buildings underground for you. No muss, no fuss just deploy the Bunker!

Sounds too easy, what's the catch?
No catch, build it, or show your support and buy it, be Settlement level Six and a Fat Red / Orange bar will appear on your set load out screen next time you visit the settlement. Deploy from there and your done.

Once deployed you can access your Bunker from an icon on the footer. your existing 'standard' Energy, Housing and Research Buildings will be migrated underground freeing up the corresponding slots on your main Settlement load-out screen.

Can I fit more Energy, Research etc?
Only from within the Bunker. The bunker provides the space required to position your Power, Housing and Research giving you room back on your primary load-out. So you will no longer be able to add these types of buildings to your main load-out. The bunker also has dormant slots for when you level to level Eight. (no that wasn't a spelling mistake).

Do I HAVE to fit one ?
Well that depends. It is a really cool device that gives you back a whole raft of space so I'd say why not. But to answer the question you WILL need one to advance past Settlement Level Six. IE it WILL be a prereq for level Seven when we release it later this year.

Where can I find the Schematics Coops?

You can find these divided between Dome Depot & Jakar Hybrid Systems. I have been relatively kind with the Expanse versions who will find only the final stages of the Schematic build require Alien Schematics.

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