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Battleship Crafting Stage 4

Published 24/01/2023 by coops
I'm still here and still coding up a storm these days, just not a lot to physically show for it just yet... But! I have completed Stage four of the Battleship craft process! As promised, it's now time to open up a section for Corporations to become involved. Corporations already have a crafting process in place called a 'Manufacturing Facility'. This is a building already created, so no need to go off and look how to craft or check your bank balance if you already own one :) If you have one down, you know that it needs a Crew Member assigned to it. Once that's done, you can research 'Research Manufacturing Projects'. At level 7 and level 8 you will begin to open up new projects for your Corporation to craft / build. You will find a second tab now inside the 'Manufacturing Facility'. This tab indicates it's for Battleship Projects. In this first phase, these are all Modules used in crafting. As per normal builds from here the resources need to be in the local Commercial Storage, but unlike the other builds, when modules are completed they are moved to your personal ship Crafting store. Don't forget, the engineer you placed in charge of the building will PM you when the build is complete with info on its output and his gains in XP and skill. We now have systems in place for Settlements, Genesis Deployments and now Corporations to all work together to manufactures end modules that will be used in creating the Battleships. I have two more steps to roll out before the 'final reveal' of Build a Battleship, but we are very much nearing the down hill slope now. Also, a small reminder that no matter where you sit in the food chain in CE pretty much anyone is going to be helping to build Battleships in one way or another. The resources required is pretty diverse and expansive, so you can bet (as we are already seeing) the GBM is ballooning and prices on offer are rising. So for those of you not interested in building an end product of a Battleship there is no reason to be glum, as a seller of resources and commodities the future just got somewhat brighter. Coops
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