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Loreaon Online Mech Warfare


Loreaon is a mech-themed browser based MMORPG (no download required), which means you can access it on any computer/mobile with a browser and an internet connection. It is and will always be FREE to play and is it ever fun!

Publisher: Pezus Web Development Inc.
Registrations: 353
Votes: 97724

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"simple yet addictive gameplay! Come and see what is going on over at Loreaon!"

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Younacotts September 25, 2014

simple yet addictive gameplay! Come and see what is going on over at Loreaon!

tarski April 28, 2013

interesting game, quite a lot of different ways to play it - still discovering what is the best strategy

Scudworth April 19, 2013

Great community, lots to do, a lot of fun. As someone who joined kinda later than most, I have tons of drive to make up for lost time.

Alurl February 26, 2013

This game is crazy fun and super addicting! Loreaon for life!

darkone November 12, 2012

Just started playing this and already love it... its great

Harleymamma November 11, 2012

I thoroughly enjoy playing this game. The people that play are great to play with. I find that the things we get to do in the game are fair for all. Giving no advantage to those that have a lot of multies.

Nullgain November 01, 2012

Easily the best online Browser game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. There is plenty of competition, and the game has a rather sold economy. Choose a profession, create a nanobot army, dominate the scoreboards, or just hang out with everyone!

Nullgain October 31, 2012

An amazing game! The only one I know that has a true economy, competition, and social aspects rolled all in one!

Zhadum July 29, 2012

Its a great game with many things to do, and I play it every day

skidoogirl June 04, 2012

i really enjoy playing this game, its a lot of fun and its something that my hubby and i do together :)

kikas May 30, 2012

Having a great time in Loreaon,best free game i'v played for a long time.There's a guy called Culex who plays at the moment and he's super funny.look out for his clever and witty posts, guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)

skidoogirl May 17, 2012

Actually I love it! its an awesome game and well layed out :)

kikas May 12, 2012

Pop in here every now and then,this game keeps evolving and the social aspect of the game cant be beaten!

IMantis May 01, 2012

Ist wunderbar. Very understanding aboutpeople of different nationalities, faiths, sexual preferences, life style choices and political ideologies. Anarcho-capitalists and Fascists both are welcomed.

Loreaonflame April 19, 2012

Going from strength to strength. Fabulous interactive community and great entertainment. Its easy to play and easier to get addicted !