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New Browser based mmo games 2024 articles and announcements
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We are so close! This next Tuesday - 07/04/2020, we begin BETA testing. It will last for 2 weeks and we appreciate all feedback sent to us. [more]

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Grand Prix Racing Online is a free web based motor sport management game, where you get to control and influence a team of your own. Starting out with a basic car you can try and win your way through to the top division to become the best manager and win the Elite group title. Just like i [more]

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Medieval Generals is a simple tile based strategy game where you command a family within a kingdom you select to join to. Each family has it's own Generals/Admirals. Each family's objective is to conquer for the glory of the kingdom you pertain to. You also have to build cities so that more uni [more]

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CS-Manager is a Counter-Strike manager game where you will be responsible for a whole team of CS players, staff members and weekly expenses and income. It is your job to find the perfect balance of your attention and make sure to be swift at discovering which part of your clan that needs to be w [more]

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The Beginning of the ContinuationThe Extinction Wars devastated the galaxy for close to 2 millennia. During which civilizations were annihilated, planets destroyed, entire systems became desolate while others were simply vaporized. These wars brought the galaxy on the brink of total eradication.Thes [more]

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MMO or MUD-You Decide Before there were MMOs, there were MUDs. As a matter of fact, there are still many players who love to play MUDs more than MMOs. One of the major reasons is the convenience of playing these free browser games anywhere and anytime you want. Not to mention, role play games have r [more]

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Origins-Return has now attracted more than 2,500 registered players from all over the world. Big spaceships are now coming out of hangars, whilst scientists are discovering new technologies and the different functions of the space portal. Armies are now getting bigger and huge defences are being ins [more]