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Minor Release 3.2 - Social Citizen

Published 23/01/2012 by Loreaon

Release 3.2 is officially live. This is a minor release, revamping three areas of Loreaon.

Below is a list of what has changed:

- The much anticipated chat revamp is here, with the introduction of the Loreaon HUD. From the HUD, you can take part in public, and private chats, access your items inventory from ANY page, get instant notifications when you have a new message, newsfeed entry, or clan forum post, as well as the ability to pop the entire HUD out of the window, and into a window of it's own! Private chats can have up to 10 participants. The HUD still has room to expand, and we plan on adding other items like your Quest Log, soon!

- M-Bar opening is here! The m-Bar is now open to players who fit the level, stat, and age requirements! What do you get at the M-Bar? You'll have to wait and see!

- Club Suddo has been re-done. It still opens Fridays and Saturdays, but it is open all day, and borrows the entry requirements of M-Bar.

- 6 New daily quests (at M-Bar and Club Suddo)

- 2 New Sen Shee Items (very interesting ones!)

- New option for receiving (or blocking) mass PMs

- Several performance upgrades which should make page loads much faster

- 4 New Achievements (that link to M-Bar and Club Suddo)

- New rank medals for the top 3 N.M.B.G., and Stat Rating players at the end of each month (just like Karma rank medals)

- Every suicide in N.M.B.G. (when you are defeated because you have no assigned waves) now increases your army support costs. Even if your committed units count is below 5000, you will be charged a fee. Every subsequent suicide will increase this fee (no limit).

- Weak Re-A-Needles have increased in cost. They should be used as a last resort. Player-made ones are far cheaper, and more efficient. If none are on sale on the market, post a job request at the employment office! Make sure you offer a fair price for the Biochem's work!
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