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Published 07/12/2011 by Loreaon
The Beginning of the Continuation

The Extinction Wars devastated the galaxy for close to 2 millennia. During which civilizations were annihilated, planets destroyed, entire systems became desolate while others were simply vaporized. These wars brought the galaxy on the brink of total eradication.

These series of wars ended not because of any diplomatic resolution or due to a massive victory of one of the groups, but due to a lack of resources. These constant and relentless battles cause most materials to be deplaned on home planets and close colonies. Economies crashed and poverty became rampant throughout the systems.

Even though the concept of banding representatives of the different political and economical powers from the all parts of the galaxy together and form of a galactic government had been tried several times over, it was thought that it was bound to work the 7th time around. And thus, The Unified Galactic Council (UGC) was re-established in order to gain stability and growth. Laws were imposed to reinstate order. One such law was the Co-Habitation Protocol (CoHaP), which decrees that all new colonies are to be colonized by conglomerates or syndicates from at least 2 different, yet compatible genetic species. Interspecies and interracial tensions were still high and CoHaP was thought to calm these tensions by forcing them to work and live together. In essence, to force otherwise rival species together and imposing tolerance in order to achieve acceptance. This controversial legislation sparked debates which bordered new violence between several members of the UGC. In order to validate its claim, a test project was to be launched.

Loreaon was the pilot project; a rich planet which was mostly spared during the Ex-Wars. The planet was previously inhabited by a civilization and archaeologists presume The Lost (as they are commonly referred as) were at their peak a thriving and somewhat technologically advanced civilization by the level of sophistication and development found in their buildings and artifacts which were left behind. Yet very little more is known about them or the reason behind their sudden extinction or displacement.

The two CoHaP claims which were accepted were from the Apex Conglomerate from carbon-based species B-81 (or Human species) and the Co'VarK Mining Syndicate of the silicon-based specie Y-31 (or Co'VarKs).

The UGC gave the Loreaon contract to both organizations with the mandate to create a thriving colony. From the ashes of a scared galaxy, rose the shining capital Mag'nar. It would become the beacon for tolerance and acceptance for which all new co-founding colonies throughout the systems would look up to.

This bringing together of two distinct species is mockingly referred by the Co'VarKians as the coupling of a Sluven (resembling a male carnivorous Earth mammoth) and a WooShiR (resembling a female Earth pig or small Earth hog). It can be loosely associated to the Earth bound expression "Like mixing Water with Oil".

The Co'VarK

The Co'VarK are an ancient people, and slightly xenophobic due to their planetary isolation. Their home planet VarK'Oum, (or K-25 in system 131-21) was unknown due to the fact that a natural magnetic anomaly rendered all scans of the nearby planets near impossible and highly unreliable. This fact made their whole system labeled "Terra Incognita" for all other space exploring species. Due to this level of isolation, the Co'VarKians thought they were the only life forms capable of consciousness.

It was only after further investigation of the system during the early periods of the Ex-Wars, while surveying for resources that their civilization and colonies around several of their moons were discovered. First contact was difficult at best. Not only were they confronted with the aspect that they were no longer the only creatures with the ability for true consciousness, which in and of itself created a deep physiological and cultural tension as well as anxiety, but they were expected to join a war they had no knowledge of or stake in until now. Eons had passed without much conflict in Co'VarK. The Ex-War proved to be a pivotal moment for their history, awakening a keen sense of savagery and brutality which were long dormant. Only time will tell what other "qualities" will be stimulated by their forced Co-habitation with Humans on Loreaon.

The Humans

Humans are a curious species who originated from the now deserted planet, Earth. The history of Humans is bland in comparison to the greater empires of the galaxy; however it still contains interesting struggles, wars and repeated planetary relocation. After thousands of years of supernatural worship, the Human species was brought to its knees, in the brink of global religious wars masked as humanitarian interventions. Dictators and global super powers alike used their mightiest weapons against each other, in a bid to destroy life and let their gods sort them out.

The end result was the destruction of their planet and mass extinction of all living life. However, at that time, there were colonies of Humans on distant planets that were spared the destruction on their home planet. Repeated search and rescue attempts resulted in few survivors. This mass extinction of Humans altered their evolutionary paths. The Humans chosen to colonize other planets were the ones in better shape, stronger, faster, healthier and smarter.

The men were chosen for their intellect and strength and the women were chosen for their intellect and reproductive efficiencies. After generations, the human population as a whole was far different from generations who existed on their home planet.

Once first contact was made between Humans and the UGC, a new home planet was assigned to them which resembled their old home planet Earth. Humans were given a seat in the UGC and began to open up political and commercial ties with other civilizations in the galaxy.

This pivotal moment in Human history proved to slightly diminish the old Human pride of thinking they were the only intelligent life in the universe. The discovery of the UGC showed that Humans had far more insignificant lives in the scheme of things then they had originally boasted about.

The Planet and Solar System

The solar system that Loreaon is located in contains 22 super planets with a total of 392 moons. The solar system is capable of holding this many super planets and moons due to the fact that it has 2 suns.

The gravitational forces and solar radiation levels in the system are extreme. Loreaon is not the only habitable planet in the system, but it contains the most resources and life supporting areas.

Due to the conditions present in Loreaon and in the solar system itself, weather patterns are stringent, easily predictable and usually change throughout the day at extreme intervals.

There are rain storms every 5 days, winter lasts exactly 31 days and temperatures can go as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Mag'Nar City and the Society on Loreaon

The tense atmosphere on Loreaon between Humans and Co'VarK tends to fill the air with energy and barrel smoke. Tourists will tell you how lively the city can be at night or during the day, with random one-on-one battles between citizens taking place anywhere and anytime.

With the advanced technologies at the disposal of the Loreaon citizenship, anyone can be killed and revived a minute later (although the pain of it all still exists). And in a society where personal reputation and battle power is second only to making money, everyone is generally armed and ready for action.

The Meka Arena was opened mainly for this purpose. Citizens lock themselves into the Meka System and are paired up with another citizen of similar strength. When the arena was first opened; the eternal question of a citizen's place in the society can finally be answered, without the limitation of death! The simulator programs were mainly started in order to entertain the masses. Thereafter, the citizens began to enter the arena for bragging rights, to rate ones skills and abilities to one another and to ascertain ones rank in this new world.

Over time, groupings of citizens started to form and were eventually labeled clans. After 57 years of clan wars on the streets and in the arena, the government decided to make money on the destruction and create legal entities (or clans). The first clans were dangerous, ruthless and less cohesive as a whole. The Dark Alley Harbors Thieves, The Murders and Hoodlum Masochists, and these are the nicer guys.

The city center of Mag'Nar is where every citizen trudges through during their daily commutes. From here, one can hear the pulse of the entire city. Shady characters possess a wealth of information and possible small jobs. Only one small piece of advice: be careful not to place your ear too close to the ground, who knows what that stuff is on the floor!

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