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"awesome game where you can colonize, conquer and dominate your galaxy!"

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ricardo June 27, 2016

awesome game where you can colonize, conquer and dominate your galaxy!

Bullets4Bullies April 01, 2013

really a good game very challenging graphics are good too

peacekeeper December 03, 2012

This is an awesome space based game. It works on an energy based system which charges up over time after you use it so you don't have to place constantly. You can let it recharge for 12 hours or more if you need. You don't have to follow a pre-selected path that everyone has to follow to advance. You can be a colonizer and spread planets accross the galaxy, a scientist you can get access to all the best techs, a bounty hunter hunting down pirates, or even a pirate itself.

Seipher June 09, 2012

Great game,building an empire and exploring space.The free roam space sim,mixed with empire building is put together beautifully.There is so much to do,and you want to do it all.This game does take time to develop you empire and expand.You can also to fleet to fleet combat and raid planets.I give this game a 10/10 try it out.

dsc69 September 04, 2011

Great game! Try it out and see how you like it! Check out my role-blog at the same time for the game:

dsc69 August 28, 2011

You gotta try this game. I have been playing and i now have 12 planets that I am building up and I am still new. Its got a bit of a learning curve but after a day or two and reading the WIKI on the game you will love this game. Just try it for a few days and you will be hooked. The best part is you dont have to be online constantly. You can be offline for 8 to 12 hours and let your energy rebuild. GREAT GAME!!!

dsc69 August 27, 2011

I have to say that it most resembles Trade Wars of BBSes from a long time ago. Takes a bit to get used to. Read the WIKI for it and everything will be alot easier to play. The great thing is you can do anything you want. There is several different ways you can play this game. You can explore, attack people, attack aliens, colonize planets, bounty hunting.. literally a ton of different things you can do.

Mira October 25, 2010

I played this game for years and is amazing today like years ago. I never played before something for more than a year without boring. I hint to you all.

Mira April 06, 2010

Wardrome is awesome. There are many versions for players. The game has many players. You can wage war or be peaceful and build up your plants and ships. You can play for free but there is a play option using *** but its not neccassary to play and have fun

Mira April 05, 2010

Perfect strategy game, relatively low amount of players lets you forge alliances and friendships that will last. Allowing a far more in depth political and strategic experience.

Not to mention the game being family owned :)