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WarDrome Experience

Published 24/07/2011 by Mira

MMO or MUD-You Decide

Before there were MMOs, there were MUDs. As a matter of fact, there are still many players who love to play MUDs more than MMOs.
One of the major reasons is the convenience of playing these free browser
games anywhere and anytime you want. Not to mention, role play games have really revolutionized the online game world through there interactive and intriguing gameplay.

An Overview

WarDrome is a free browser based game which combines the spirit of both MMORPGs and MUDs. It essentially falls into multiple genres at the same time. It is a strategic management browser based game with plenty of role-playing element. Overall, it is a very well designed well developed turn-based game that challenges the player’s administrative and strategic skills.
WarDrome is set in a space opera atmosphere. It takes you to a science fiction adventure. The players find themselves in the midst of a war-torn galaxy ruled by a powerful but corrupt Republic. All four races in
the game are in war with each other. Yet, you will have to fight as well as make allies in order to progress.
The game world is unique and original. The story develops along the player’s progress in the game.

The Races and Careers

There are four races in the game namely human, androids, cyborgs and clones. WarDrome allows each race to start on and progress with equal opportunities and strength. The way a player develops depends
solely on players own skills rather than the class they belong to. There is simply no way for a cyborg or android to have an unfair advantage over human or clones.
The Career however ought to be chosen carefully. A player must determine the suitable career according to the time and schedule they can dedicate to the game. Each career has its unique spaceship and defined
role. There are eight careers in total; Soldier, bounty hunter, merchant, miner, industrial, scientist, Colonizer and pirate.   


What is really intriguing about the game is that there is plenty of variety in the game. There are quest and there combats. There is real time action, strategy and there is role-playing. The basic gameplay revolves around the spaceships which the users are in command of. As we mentioned earlier, each race has its own uniquely deigned spaceship and different set of skills. However, none starts with an unfair advantage.
From these spaceships, players will have to grow their empire by conquering planet after planet. Unlike most MMOs, WarDrome doesn’t bore you with constant space battles. As the commander of your ship,
you are responsible for building and managing your crew, researching new technologies and administer your empire’s political activities such as colonizing the galaxy and gathering taxes.
Like any real time strategy game, you also have to gather resources in order to build and progress. You can also trade items and resources with other players.

Clan Power

As they say, unity is strength. WarDrome does not overlook the multiplayer spirit of online games. Clans play a very important role in this game. You can form a clan with 2 to 15 of your friends belonging to the same race.  Together with your clan members your combined strength you can have a more interactive and collaborative experience of taking on enemies and sharing possessions.


Overall, this real time MMORPG is pretty interesting but the only problem lies in the fact that it is purely turn-based. You just can’t spend twenty four hours constantly in front of this game, but is this really a negative point to pick on?  Actually, this is exactly what makes this game one of the best online games you can easily keep-up in without disturbing your normal human life.
The best part remains that it is a free browser game with unlimited fun.

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