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WarDrome 2.32 Gavelenderiel

Published 08/05/2011 by Mira

- New permanent quest: The Asteroid race.
A competition of speed along a route in stages.
The first to arrive receives an award, but also sets in motion the vicious mechanism hidden from the race: +250 new asteroids for his race.
The race is perpetual and it begins by the same sector.
When the first reaches the finish, the release of asteroids is activated. Some of the stages are regenerated randomly and the race begins again.
- The Observatory of the Moon (at the Mother Planet) reports the location where the race starts and the actual number of asteroids in the galaxy.
- Adding the decimal notation for Aeron.
- Enlarged fonts map.
- Removed the number of commanders on the bridge (both in game and on the external site).
- Removed the “Guide on the bridge”.
- The Barrels are no more retrieved by the Recovery Ships.
- Two new Advanced missions: Exploration and Charisma.

- Fixed the production queue of Orbiting complex.
- Fixed the bug in the sale of hields for spaceships by Wally.
- Fixed the period of protection (negative value).
- Fixed the bug of withdrawal from the galaxy .

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