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WarDrome 2.33 Gellyn

Published 03/07/2011 by Mira
The WarDrome Solazul, Soleilnoir, Solerosso, Solenero, Blacksun, Redsun Galaxies were upgraded to version 2.33 called Gellyn


- Fast Signup
Improved the registration system, immediate entry into the game.
- Space Tunnels List

By the Surveillance menu is now available a complete list of open wormholes, with relative controls for closing them.
- Spaceships Selection
To meet the senior commanders who had difficulty in creating the fleet using the check boxes, by now you can select your own spaceships by simply clicking on the images.
- Link to the Observatory
The Observatory of the Moon, this pleasant place where the events of the galaxy are documented (as well as the number of asteroids present), is now accessible from any planet by the construction of the Holodeck.
- Champions League
Statistics of the galaxy commanders are now present in the scoreboard at heading "Champions League".  The specialties listed may increase, so lets to suggest new ones!
- Awards and Promotion
In the Options section is possible to vote WarDrome through partner sites.
Each vote (expressed per 24 h) give you immediately a gift similar to Facebook ones  (which you collect from Messages> Gifts), with the difference that can affect randomly spaceships, planets, characters and equipment.
- Improved anti-cheat controls

- Updated the script to Facebook


- Fixed bug of game sessions with Academy training
- Fixed the bug of the mysterious 13th step of the Race of Asteroids
- Fixed the bug on the radar asteroids
- Fixed the bug on the dissolution of the clan that does not dissolve
- Fixed the bug of radio beacons of none that none can destroy

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