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Close Warehouse

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Published 05/07/2012 by Unknown98

New Game Update: Warehouse Closing Feature

We have introduced a new feature that allows players to close a warehouse. However, this action comes with a cost and consequences.

Closing a warehouse will cost $15,000 in game currency. Please note that this action will also result in the forfeiture of all inventory currently held in that warehouse. Therefore, we strongly advise players to ship off any leftover inventory before they decide to close a warehouse.

We understand that accidents can happen. That's why we have implemented a confirmation message to prevent any accidental closures. So, don't worry about mistakenly clicking the close button.

We are currently testing this function and it will likely be transferred over to branches soon. This will allow players to have more control over their in-game resources.

Another benefit of closing a warehouse is that the land it was using will be freed up for other uses. This provides more opportunities for players to expand their operations and test new strategies.

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